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Greetings Earthlings

Posted on June 20, 2020  •  2 minutes  • 345 words


While secondary school-me could definitely imagine this, previous adult-me wouldn’t have guessed that I’d be taking up blogging again in my mid-30s. However, I’ve gone through a lot of transitions in my life lately, and since they’ve been good ones instead of traumatic ones, it occurred to me that other people might be interested in my journey as well.

Or maybe no one will be interested, but at least I will have a record of this time for myself because I am going through so much change.

Change is something that I’ve been focused on a lot lately, as it’s something I’ve avoided in the past. I’m historically anti-change, and I’ve had many discussions with everyone in my life (therapy sessions included) about exactly why I don’t need or want to change. I stand behind that today, in fact, simply because I always felt like there was a push to change who I was as a person.

In fact, the first real fundamental change that put me on the path that I’m still on today was changing not WHO I was, but HOW I looked at myself. Did I not want to change because I didn’t think it was possible, or because I really thought I was fine just the way I was? The answer had been the former, and I can now say it’s the latter.

So, if you follow me, expect to see musings on change, especially in my professional life. I recently changed career fields completely after a decade, and really my previous work had been my focus for the last fifteen years. Expect to sometimes see two spaces after a period instead of one, because that’s a change I’m trying to make but my muscle instincts keep fighting. Expect to see posts that are longer than they probably need to be, because I have a lot of thoughts and I struggle with editing myself down. And expect that I will reference my cats somewhat regularly, because I own a tank top that says “Cat Mom” and I’m not ashamed of that.

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